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land at back of Town hall

At the start of the new Town Council in 2007, one of the first actions of the Conservatives was to buy this land at the rear of the Town Hall for over £320,000. The money was borrowed and to be repaid back over 50 years at the cost of £750,000 to the taxpayer. they did research any restrictions such as an archeological dig required as a planning condition from the last applicant.

There was no proposal what to do with the land. We voted against purchase.

Later, after rejecting our suggestion of an affordable housing scheme. They decided on a new set of toilets for the town and new offices above. Plans were submitted and then withdrawn as they wanted to build behind the garages, a totally unsuitable site, and Babergh told them to rethink.

Next, they submitted plans, on the garage site, with no idea how much the new toilets would cost, hoping that Babergh would allow the Section 106 money from Tesco to be used. They then discovered this money would not cover the scheme cost and Babergh refused use of the S106 money anyway.

In 4 years, nothing has happened and the taxpayer has paid £60,000 out in loan repayments for what?  

Latest Update the Town Council revisited the affordable housing option. I am chairing a sub committee which has been talking to Babergh DC and 2 Housing Associations looking at a scheme with 2 shop units and 6 flats above. Unfortunately, the uncertainty in retail is not helping the viability of such a scheme and we are having to revisit all other options. We are still left with this Tory land scandal.