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Issues 4

Hamilton Road Quarter

The area around Sudbury bus station (Hamilton Rd Quarter) has been crying out for regeneration and redevelopment for years. Though the area had been in the previous and present Local plan nothing had been achieved.

Martyn Booth and I pressed that more needed to be done to bring forward this area for retail, possible cinema and regeneration. The site is on the edge of the Town centre and could connect the Town centre with Waitrose and Roys stores.

The Civic Trust did a very good initial study but suggested there was potential for a much larger area for regeneration and more housing potential. We made sure that “option 2” proposed by other civic minded groups was included which would have offered more retail space. We made sure that a working party of all District and County Councillors for Sudbury were involved.

“Option 3” above got the most votes from the public. (It is not universally popular as some parties believe a bus station should not be within the site as this reduces the economic potential.) The public gave this option the most votes and Babergh adopted it as supplementary planning guidance to developers.

Update: Tory run Suffolk are on side with regeneration of the whole area and talks with landowners are progressing well. Babergh DC has completed further studies on potential retail/leisure uses and we are talking to potential developers on options including CINEMA. Discussions with other landowners continue.

Save our middle schools

Cllr Andy Welsh outside Uplands Middle school which the Tories closed with all the other middle schools to create bigger 11-18 High schools eventhough the public did not want this. We supported parents who feared the damage done to their childrens education and the effect the running down of the middle schools will have on the children. The task is to pressurise Suffolk on finding a use for the old building. Neighbouring schools will have use of the fields.

 Save Belle Vue House

Belle Vue House is an integral part of Belle Vue park. Developers wanted it with the BMX site next door, with a new road going through part of the Park to Cornard Rd. We joined the fight started by the community to save the Park from losing land and at Babergh, Martyn and I led the rejection to the sale at the Strategy committee. Since then, Belle Vue House has seen the CAB expand into it.

Update 1: Belle Vue House does need major renovation work or rebuild. It remains vital that the existing user the CAB are protected and a community building remains. We have a wonderful Park with lots of new equipment and upgraded facilities. I will keep fighting for improvements to the whole Park.

Update 2: A national hotel chain has shown interest in the old pool and house site. There is a definate need for hotel places in the town BUT the CAB needs an alternative location if this was to happen. If the House was to be renovated works of £200,000 + are needed and users would have to be re-housed. When asked via the press no new community uses were found. A public consultaion/exhibition will occur in the future on any options.