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Issues 2

Improving safety and area with art project

Cllr Martyn Booth and I went to the opening of the underpass art project. Martyn was involved with the Community Safety partnership on this project and I with the Town Council.Youngsters, some of whom, had been involved with problems in the underpass worked with artists to produce this colourful solution to a drab and vandalised space.

Lib Dems surveying passengers

Our branch line though well used has been under threat several times due to its short length and works needed. On several occasions we have surveyed passengers on how the line could be improved and results have been passed onto the operators.

Fair trade status for Sudbury

Getting the Town Council in 2007 to support Sudbury becoming a Fair Trade Town. Fair trade is important in supporting farmers in less developed countries so helping them out of poverty but increasingly it includes our own local producers.

Between 2008 and 2011, the Tories who had a majority on the Town Council showed no interest in this status. Thankfully, with the new Council we have got the Council to reaffirm our support and Lib Dem Cllr Peter Gray is leading the Council’s role with other community groups.