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Now that Babergh DC have made their decision on the disposal of Belle Vue House and the old swimming pool site and via the rumour mill and press speculation it would seem that Premier Inn have been successful it is vital that attention falls on the future of the CAB. Citizens Advice play a unique […]

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Sudbury fire service update

by nigelbennett on 16 February, 2016

What have we learnt since the Tory run County Council started their consultation on the review of the fire service? At the consultation event, we saw 4 very different pictures of what a Rapid Response Vehicle could look like. We did not get any detail on how many firefighters, what equipment, what calls it could […]

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Sudbury Town Council opposes loss of 2nd fire engine.

by nigelbennett on 18 January, 2016

The Town Council has opposed the proposed cut to fire services in Sudbury made by Conservative controlled Suffolk. The proposed Rapid Response Vehicle that is meant to replace our 2nd engine is an option that does not tell us how many firefighters it will have, what it could be used for and what equipment it […]

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Say NO to cutting our 2nd fire engine.

by nigelbennett on 4 November, 2015

Conservative run Suffolk County Council have published their proposals for the Fire Service across Suffolk. For Sudbury, the proposal is to remove the 2nd fire engine and replace with a rapid response type vehicle. The report is vague about the replacement vehicle. It states: “It is not possible to assess the operational impact of the […]

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Below is the response Cllr Sayers was able to get from the Portfolio Holder at SCC. I would conclude that Conservative run Suffolk do not know how many exist therefore they do not know if they have a problem or not. I note the language “does not routinely..” and “most visits..” this would suggest that […]

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Sudbury Fire service provision under threat-again!

by nigelbennett on 14 October, 2015

Conservative Suffolk CC are in the process of formulating the report on their proposed cuts to Fire Services across Suffolk to their November Cabinet. A 14 week consultation will then begin till Feb 2016 and a decision in April. Many firefighters and residents fear there is a threat to Sudbury’s provision that also provides to […]

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When Sudbury WATCH asked a FOI: “How many older people currently receive care visits at home consisting of no more than 15 minutes?” and asked Suffolk “to distinguish between intimate care as opposed to visits to do safety checks or for medication.” The response received was staggering. They declined stating that it would take 666 […]

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Sudbury bus station plans for the future

by nigelbennett on 13 June, 2015

It was always evident that to redevelop the Hamilton Road area of Sudbury the existing bus station would need to move as its central location on the existing site would mean pedestrians walking through traffic to access potential cinema, retail and restaurant development. Also this made the site less suitable for redevelopment as the viability […]

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Saturday saw the opening to the public of our new integrated health facility. 600 + visitors came through the door in the first 2 hours. It was a delight to be able to give guided tours after over 8 years of sitting on the Community Liaison Group with the NHS to deliver this facility. Siam […]

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Tory Suffolk need to sort out closed Sudbury footpath.

by nigelbennett on 5 October, 2014

The other night, at the Town Council, residents again came to gain the support of Town Councillors to get answers to the repair and re-opening of footpath 11 from Newton Rd to Cornard Rd. The footpath has been closed for sometime leading residents to walk down Ingrams Wells Rd where there is no continuous footpath […]

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