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Big fall in October crime

by nigelbennett on 9 November, 2011

Last night at the Town Council the Police report showed that crime fell to 91 reported crimes compared to 197 in 2010. This is a quite remarkable decline and excellent news.

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Renewal of existing Sudbury Police 2 priorities

by nigelbennett on 29 May, 2011

The existing Police priorities on youth related ASB and drinking on the school playfields at Sudbury & Gt Cornard Upper were maintained for June at the latest SNT meeting with residents that I chaired. Police reported that no new incidents had occured in the Tudor Rd area and broken glass on the schoolfield had also […]

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New Police priorities set

by nigelbennett on 21 April, 2011

Tonight, I chaired the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting which feedback to residents on the priority set around Hillside Rd and bin fires. With no further incidents and after a Street aware week where residents in both Hillside Rd and Windsor Place were visited, this priority was removed but will remain an issue the Police […]

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Police meeting reminder

by nigelbennett on 20 April, 2011

The latest meeting between residents of Sudbury & Cornard and the local Police is tomorrow (Thursday 21st April) at 6pm at the Delphi Social Club. It is a chance to hear an update on the priorities set last month and to raise any concerns and issues you have with the local Police. I will be […]

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Next Police Safer Neigbourhood Team meeting

by nigelbennett on 11 April, 2011

The next meeting between residents and the local Police will be at 6pm on Thursday 21st April at Delphi Social Club. I will be in the Chair again. This is a chance to hear what has happened on the priorities set last month and to raise your issues on crime and anti social behaviour. I […]

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Stopping wheelie bin fires in Sudbury.

by nigelbennett on 17 March, 2011

Today, I chaired the Sudbury & Cornard Police SNT meeting where the desperate issue of wheelie bin fires close to homes came up from Hillside Rd residents in the ward. This has become a new Police priority alongside the ongoing priority of anti social behaviour around the Rec in Gt Cornard. Every home in Hillside […]

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New crime priorities

by nigelbennett on 17 February, 2011

Today, I chaired the latest Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting with residents. The only priority set was Anti Social Behaviour in the Broom St/Stevenson Approach in Great Cornard though many other minor issues were raised. The next meeting is Thursday 17th march at Sudbury Police Station at 3pm. Please notice that from April meetings will move […]

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Crime lower in 2010 than in 2009 in Sudbury.

by nigelbennett on 9 February, 2011

Good news from the latest Police report which tells us that there were slightly fewer crimes over the last 12 months than the previous year and that January 2011 had 131 reported crimes compared to 186 in January 2010.

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Meet with the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

by nigelbennett on 16 January, 2011

The next Police SNT meeting is Thursday 20th Jan at 3pm at Sudbury Police Station. Please come along to hear a review of the last targets set and tell the local Police of any police/crime issues in your area.

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Significant crime fall in December

by nigelbennett on 12 January, 2011

The local Police at the Town Council reported that from 1st Dec 2010 to 7th Jan 2011 recorded crimes were 120. Last year the figure was 172. This is good news but especially as there was a reduction in violence towards the person which is usually higher in the Christmas/New Year period. At the same time […]

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