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Securing the future of the Citizens Advice Bureau in Sudbury.

by nigelbennett on 18 February, 2016

Now that Babergh DC have made their decision on the disposal of Belle Vue House and the old swimming pool site and via the rumour mill and press speculation it would seem that Premier Inn have been successful it is vital that attention falls on the future of the CAB.

Citizens Advice play a unique and vital role. They are based in the ground floor of Belle Vue House and when I was a District Councillor the Council view was that the CAB helped to deal with housing and debt problems vital to helping the District Council, the CAB helped vulnerable people with benefit claims helping them to get what they were entitled to and bringing important money into the local economy as well as legal advice in an age of reduced legal aid.

Now, the CAB must be helped to find somewhere permanent in the town not temporary. They are providing essential help to often low income or vulnerable individuals. It is an organisation that helps people often in difficult circumstances that relies on many volunteers and a small group of dedicated staff. It is a diamond of a service in this town. It is a service most of us will never have to use but it deserves security in funds and tenure as well as decent premises to work in and serve people from.

Therefore I will be asking our District councillors to make sure that the Citizens Advice Bureau is not forgotten and that a decent location is found that will help its customers but also aids the Council itself. I mean one persons debt problem can be a Council’s housing problem!

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