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Judge for yourself the SCC response to my question on 15 minute visits for intimate care.

by nigelbennett on 24 October, 2015

Below is the response Cllr Sayers was able to get from the Portfolio Holder at SCC. I would conclude that Conservative run Suffolk do not know how many exist therefore they do not know if they have a problem or not. I note the language “does not routinely..” and “most visits..” this would suggest that officers know there are some. Also the statement “it is fairly well established..” rather than fully established.

To me, it seems there is work to do. A clear policy following Government, NICE and CQC guidance is needed when commissioning intimate care for the elderly.

How many older people currently receive care visits ,at home ,consisting of no more than 15 minutes, especially for intimate care:

“This is currently impossible to do with the reporting system we’ve got for Care First 6. The reports show the total number of visits and the mean average time for all those visits. So if a customer received 1 visit of 15 mins and 2 of 30 mins, the system would show all three having a time of above 15 mins. The number of 15 min visits can only be worked out by going into each customer’s file as it is currently.”


Has SCC got a Policy on 15 minute visits ?.if we do have a Policy ,do we know if it is being implemented?

“I’m not aware of a policy, but we have a standard statement that goes out for 15 min visits:


Suffolk County Council does not routinely commission domiciliary care visits of less than 30 minutes.  Most visits that take place under 30 minutes are part of a larger overall support package and are primarily used to check safety and/or to provide a medication prompt, or are conducted in Very Sheltered Housing.”


Should we not have a Policy ,why not ?,in the light of all the guidance from Government ,ie ,Health Guidance ,Care Act , NICE Guidance ,Sept 2015, and CQC, April 2014.

“I think it’s widely accepted, but not written into a policy. It’s fairly well established in the area teams and the placement team not to commission 15 minute visits except in the above circumstances. The placement team challenges when they are asked to commission 15 minute visits.”

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