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Still waiting on Suffolk County Council on teaching post to sick children.

by nigelbennett on 14 October, 2015

It is now over a month since a local campaigner met with Suffolk County Council including Portfolio Holder Lisa Chambers to discuss the removal of the teacher post to sick children on Rainbow ward, West Suffolk hospital.

It was reportedly agreed that SCC officers would meet with the Lead Clinician to discuss medical staff views over the lost post and the impact this would have on sick children. They would report back and if concerns existed  then Cllr Chambers had stated to Suffolk CC Full Council that the decision would be reviewed.

Previously, SCC said they had consulted with staff BUT it became evident, it was only with the ward manager.

Now, it is reportedly evident that clinicians did raise concerns at the meeting in September. So far, no response has been received whether the decision has been reviewed, changed or the clinicians concerns ignored.

What is clear, is that children are receiving little educational support while in West Suffolk hospital compared to before. Suffolk’s view seems to be if you cannot measure the outcome of the teacher post ie GCSE result or SAT result then there is little value to sick children getting educational stimulation while in hospital and helping them take their mind off treatment they may be receiving.


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