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Does Suffolk CC commission any 15 minute care visits for intimate care for the elderly? Answer: “We won’t tell you!”

by nigelbennett on 14 October, 2015

When Sudbury WATCH asked a FOI: “How many older people currently receive care visits at home consisting of no more than 15 minutes?” and asked Suffolk “to distinguish between intimate care as opposed to visits to do safety checks or for medication.”

The response received was staggering. They declined stating that it would take 666 hours and cost £16,666 to do so.

Why did WATCH ask this question? We asked simply due to national news coverage of commissioning such visits in the UK even though it goes against:

1. Department of Health guidance issued under the 2014 Care Act

2. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance from September 2015

3. Care Quality Commission Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care April 2014

Due to this response, I asked Conservative Cllr J Sayers at the Town Council if he could answer or get an answer from the Portfolio Holder on the following:

1. Have Suffolk got a policy on 15 minute visits?

2. If they do have a policy then why don’t they know whether it is being implemented?

3. If they do not have a policy, why not? in the light of all the guidance from central government (see above).

We await the response the response from the Portfolio Holder as Cllr Sayers was unable to answer but has sent a request to the responsible Cllr.


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