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Sudbury bus station plans for the future

by nigelbennett on 13 June, 2015

It was always evident that to redevelop the Hamilton Road area of Sudbury the existing bus station would need to move as its central location on the existing site would mean pedestrians walking through traffic to access potential cinema, retail and restaurant development. Also this made the site less suitable for redevelopment as the viability of the site was affected.

The Local Plan produced guidance that had the bus station relocate to the corner of the site by Easterns on the corner of Great Eastern and Francis Rd if the whole area could be redeveloped.

The site has multiple landowners including all 3 councils. Babergh bought one site (the Navigation House/Queens garage site) to aid future redevelopment.

Now a consultation will occur after the Steering Group gave a steer to Suffolk County Council that the option (1 of 7) to split the bus station into 2 sites, 1 on the frontage of Great Eastern Rd and 1 on Girling Street was the most appropriate to bring redevelopment of the Hamilton Rd area.

The link below is to the document that shows the 7 options drawings and the analysis of the options in terms of quality for users, operational viability and deliverability of bus station option. It was a transport assessment so the Steering Group then looked at the impact on regeneration of the whole site of each option. The full assessment seems to be a confidential document so the one below is bereft of detail.

Bus station options

Steering group agenda and minutes

I will be the new Town Council representative to the Steering Group so I would like your opinions. My early observations are:

1. This maximises land available for redevelopment increasing the viability and ability to get potential cinema and other uses on this eyesore of a site.

2. The option does not seem to include public toilets. It seems to be a bus shelter option not actually a 2 bus station option.

3. It will remove short term car parking spaces in the town centre.

4. Some bus services could be quicker due to not having to circulate the one way system.

5. Connectivity between different services could be affected affecting passengers.

Please let me know your views on the option of splitting the bus station. You can contact me via this site.

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  1. Josh says:

    The option picked by the steering group makes it look like there is no thought being put in for the bus station. While I like the idea of a split site, this is simple 6 bus stops and not a station. Footpaths in Girling Street are narrow, the traffic already backs up. Another concern is 753 bus Colchester to Bury St Edmunds, I can see that buses will not connect and leave people having to rush through town.

    This is a really poor plan that has had little or no thought put into it. We are a small town, not Ipswich – why does SCC insist on pushing us to be like Ipswich.

    What we need is a transport hub, option 4 and 5 are much better, yes we may lose some spaces but wouldn’t that just promote the use of buses if people struggle to park? A hub could incorporate the Tourist Information Centre, it would be a gateway to Our beautiful town. We are missing an opportunity here.

    with an increasing population with development forecasts aimed at our town, the option of a split site leaves little room for future expansion, as both areas are restricted.

    What about the little kiosks? No plan for them, and where will the buses go that require 20 minute breaks during the day, there is space for that at the current site

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