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Tory Suffolk need to sort out closed Sudbury footpath.

by nigelbennett on 5 October, 2014

The other night, at the Town Council, residents again came to gain the support of Town Councillors to get answers to the repair and re-opening of footpath 11 from Newton Rd to Cornard Rd. The footpath has been closed for sometime leading residents to walk down Ingrams Wells Rd where there is no continuous footpath and a major parking issue with Belle Vue Park.

Tory Suffolk CC are still not revealing what is wrong with the path, what repairs are needed, how much will it cost and when will the works be done. They clearly do not see it as a priority. The Conservative County Councillor has failed to gain proper answers and the Town Council resolved to write and complain to both the Chief Executive as well as the Portfolio Holder for Highways. This closure is having a real impact on peoples lives. Answers are needed.

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