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New Police priorities set

by nigelbennett on 24 July, 2013

We had a packed public meeting at the last SNT Police meeting for Sudbury and Great Cornard. Residents from Hyde Rd, Edgeworth Rd & Station Rd area brought their concerns about late night anti social noise from some car drivers in the Station Rd car park. Also there were concerns on the noise from some modified vehicles and speeding.

Some of the car enthusiasts also attended to put their point of view and explain why they used the car park and to apologise for the behaviour of some whose behaviour they are trying to change.

The Police explained the signage that would be going up warning drivers of the powers available to them and about the powers to confiscate vehicles they could use for anti social behaviour.

It was explained to all that the issue was the anti social behaviour/noise not the meeting up of the enthusiasts in the car parks. Police have been visiting the car park regularly and CCTV cameras will be especially used in the late night times prone to problems. Residents have noticed an improvement-lets hope the coming together has solved the noise issue.

Next meeting to hear feedback on this issue and if you need to raise any others will be Thurs Sept 19th at 6pm at Sudbury Town Hall. I will be chairing it as usual.

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