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Latest local Police priority set. Residents happy with Police response but not Suffolk CC and streetlights.

by nigelbennett on 19 May, 2012

The latest Police SNT meeting set a new priority of the night time economy in the town centre of Sudbury for the summer. With the onset of  Euro 2012, the Olympics and summer holidays the local Police want to have this as their focus.

The good news was that in the past 2 months there had been only 1 crime on the Meadow View/Middleton estate after it had been set as the previous priority. The Police reassured residents that they would still be very visible.

The second piece of very good news was that total crime in Sudbury fell by 213 crimes in the year upto April 2012 when compared to the previous year up to 2011. In South ward, crime fell 136 crimes or by 14.7% in the same period. This is very re-assuring and great work by the local team.

The disappointment at the meeting was that no officer from Suffolk CC was available. Residents had many questions about some lighting being on especially near junctions and the play area/field. We will do our upmost to get someone there for next time.

Finally, you can use the link via this website’s side menu to see the map of crime locally and by type. Hope you find this useful.

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